An attractive driveway is more than an entrance to your home. It is an asset. The appearance of the driveway is the first impression most people have when approaching your property. A properly designed and constructed driveway will add charm, utility, and value to any home. Asphalt is an ideal application for estate driveways where it’s softened, joint free, and flowing appearance compliments a natural setting.

Decorative Stone

Decorative stonework is one of our specialties. The Bonness family has been placing this stylish old Florida look on driveways for over 30 years. Our brown or white river gravel, gray granite, pea-gravel, or crushed seashell embraces our tropical surroundings when bonded to your driveway.  Properly installed, a stone driveway consists of a pressure treated wood edging, a solid limerock or shell base, an application of liquid asphalt cement binder, followed by an 1” application of loose gravel. After it is rolled in and broomed, it provides a beautiful, uniform and functional driveway surface that will last for years. A wide variety of decorative stones are carried locally, but other more exotic stones can be shipped on special order.

Concrete/Stamped Concrete

A concrete driveway makes perfect sense in many neighborhoods.  Though concrete can be installed in any driveway application, it is particularly cost effective and appropriate for smaller driveways where space is limited.  Bonness Inc. pours concrete driveways using only 3000psi concrete mix or higher and to the depth that is structurally needed to support the intended traffic.

Consider stamped concrete for a more decorative look.  Stamped concrete mimics the appearance of brick, slate, flagstone, cobblestone and other patterns.  The look of natural stone can be achieved without the high maintenance and cost of real stone.

Brick Pavers

A brick paver driveway will add beauty and value to your home. With a large variety of colors and shapes available, design options are virtually endless.  An unyielding, professionally installed base to support these decorative pavers will insure a solid foundation for years of functionality as well as the splendor that a brick paver driveway offers.



Concrete, Asphalt, Brick Pavers

Bonness Inc. will install or replace your sidewalk, bikepath, cartpath, or other pathway. As a full service contractor, no job is too small.  We have decades of experience and the equipment necessary to install sidewalks and pathways in all types of applications.  Sidewalks may be constructed of concrete, stamped concrete, exposed aggregate concrete, loose bonded gravel, asphalt, or brick pavers.



Pavement Drainage

No matter the pavement application, drainage is always of particular concern. In the flat terrain that is prevalent in Southwest Florida, standing puddles of water often arise in pavements.  Our estimators will provide advice to you or will work with your design professional to address this area of concern before quotation.  There are different solutions available depending on the circumstances such as increased slope, yard drainage, catch basins, swale grading to name a few. During installation or repair of your pavement, our crews are trained to give special attention to drainage issues.

Culvert & Swale Grading

Many neighborhoods provide drainage through a system of swales.  In this case, culvert pipes are used to allow the flow of water under driveway approaches.  Bonness Inc. installs culverts and concrete mitered end sections in accordance with government standards and requirements.

Concrete Curb & Gutter

Bonness inc. specializes in all type of specialty concrete work.  Whether for drainage or for aesthetic enhancement, different curb types are available to address your specific need. Concrete is also often the best solution for transition areas between different pavement applications.





Asphalt is a wearing surface.  With a properly installed base, asphalt will provide many years of low maintenance service.  After its wearing life, usually 10-15 years, it may be resurfaced with a fresh layer of asphalt.

Removals & Regrading

When renovating your driveway, it may be necessary to remove your existing driveway completely or to remove the surface in order to regrade the base material.  Complete removal may be necessary to accommodate a new surface.  This is generally true when changing from an asphalt driveway to a brick paver driveway as the grade of the base will have to be lowered to accommodate for the thickness of the brick.  Regrading may also be necessary when there are drainage problems or when the base material needs to be enhanced to support vehicle traffic.  Whatever your need, as a full service contractor, Bonness Inc. will provide all the necessary services to complete your finished driveway.





No job is too small for Bonness Inc.  We will perform asphalt and concrete repairs and patching, as well as drainage repairs.  If your budget does not allow for a full renovation, patching and sealing may provide additional life for your pavement.

PolyTar Sealcoat

Bonness Inc. is committed to quality and only uses the best in black top sealers.  PolyTar (link to PolyTar pdf) is the first significant advancement in pavement sealing in over five decades.  Together with a quality installation and under normal circumstances, pavements sealed with PolyTar should not have to be resealed for five years.




Bonness Inc. has a team of estimators specifically trained to address driveway quotes.  We pride ourselves on submitting quotes that provide a clear picture of what it will take to do the project, no matter its size or complexity.  You can count on an estimate that will be prompt, thorough, and accurate.


All projects have different and unique characteristics, so in order to budget for your future needs you will want to obtain an budget estimate.  Estimates are free with no obligation.  Our estimators stand ready to guide you with your pavement related budgets.


The design of your driveway can be accomplished with the help of our estimators or through a design professional such as a landscape architect. Our estimators will recommend the proven design standards in terms of  thickness and application of base and surface materials.


Permitting requirements are different throughout the various counties and cities of Southwest Florida.  The owner of the property is generally responsible for any permits where necessary. Bonness Inc. will aid the property owner if needed.


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