Asphalt Pavement

Asphalt pavement is the surface of choice for roadways for the majority of residential or community developments.  Civil engineers specify asphalt because of its smooth riding surface, durability, flexibility, value, and ease of maintenance.  The asphalt wearing surface is installed on top of a properly constructed base and stabilized subsurface.  Bonness Inc., an established high integrity paving contractor, has specialized in both new construction and complex renovation projects in Southwest Florida for the past thirty years.

Concrete Curb & Sidewalk

Concrete is the ideal product for concrete curbs, sidewalks, gutter inlets, flumes and other specialty applications which are incidental to road construction.  The shape, thickness, and requirements for reinforcement are determined by your design professional based on structural necessity, design ordinances, and desired aesthetic outcome.  Bonness Inc. has concrete crews with years of experience and expertise as well as specialized machinery necessary to install or repair any of these specialty concrete applications.

Brick Paver Entrances

Some community roadways are constructed entirely of brick pavers.  However, because of the rougher ride and the higher cost and maintenance of brick pavers, they are generally reserved for the entrance of a development where their beauty and uniqueness will enhance the curb appeal of the community.   Bonness Inc. will construct a structurally sound base, install concrete ribbon curb if desired, and install brick pavers in the color, shapes, and design that you choose.

Pavement Markings & Signage

Your roadway will be complete when the pavement markings and signs are installed.  This consists of painted or reflective thermoplastic stripes, stop signs, speed limit signs, crosswalks, stop bars, reflective pavement markers, ADA handicap mats, and any other type of markings that are specified for your project.  Bonness Inc. has specialty crews who install all pavement markings and signs to complete your project. Installation guidelines are dictated by local traffic control ordinances and Florida D.O.T. Design Standards.



Parking Surfaces

Parking lots may be constructed of asphalt, concrete, or brick pavers.  Often the choice is determined by the characteristics of the project such as size, surroundings, and functionality.  For the same reason as with roadways, asphalt is recommended for larger parking lots because of the smooth ride, flexibility, value, and ease of maintenance.  In Southwest Florida, asphalt is typically installed over a limestone or shell base.  When the subgrade is made up of sandy soil, very typical in Southwest Florida, the soil will need to be stabilized before installing the base. Your civil engineer will calculate and specify the thickness of stabilized subgrade, base, and asphalt based on existing conditions as well as intended traffic usage.

Curb & Sidewalk

Concrete curbs and sidewalks are a common design feature in parking lots.  Concrete curbs function as a landscape barrier and also promote rainwater drainage.  Sidewalks are needed to handle foot traffic and are most often constructed of either concrete or brick pavers.  As a full service contractor, Bonness Inc. will professionally install your entire parking lot, Including any curb, gutter, sidewalk, flumes, and other applicable appurtenances.

Carstops & Striping

Carstops, stripes, directional arrows, and signs are installed by our striping crew as soon as possible after paving while the area is still blocked off. This eliminates extended parking delays for your customers or tenants.


Parking lot drainage is achieved through a system of surface run-off, drainage structures, pipes, appurtenances, and retention ponds.  The entire system must be designed and maintained so as to drain quickly even in a heavy rainfall.  It is important to retain the services of a professional paving contractor who possesses the right equipment and expertise to properly construct your parking lot to achieve the adequate drainage.



Storm Drainage

Bonness Inc. installs complete underground utility systems with experienced, reliable, and safety conscious crews.  We will install storm water drainage piping including PVC, Ductile Iron Pipe (DIP), Reinforced Concrete Pipe (RCP), Elliptical RCP, Corrugated Metal Pipe (CMP) and structures that include headwalls, control and outfall structures, drainage basins, throat inlets, weir walls, box culverts, junction boxes and conflict boxes.  Dewatering, pumping, well pointing and turbidity screening are performed as well.

Potable Water

Potable water distribution systems include the installation of water mains (DIP, PVC, HDPE), water services, backflow preventers (RPZ), meter boxes, gate valves, hot taps, tie-ins, jack & bore, directional bore and testing.

Sanitary Sewer

Some of the installations performed  by Bonness Inc. for sanitary sewer systems include sewer mains, force mains, plug valves, sewer laterals, tie-ins, directional bore, cleanouts, pump stations, grinder pump stations, grease trap/oil separators, manholes, and conflict boxes.

Fire Line

Bonness Inc. is a Certified Class V Fire Protection System Contractor and can install fire mains (PVC, DIP), fire services, backflow preventers (RPZ), fire meters, fire department connecters (FDC), fire hydrants, PIV, and fire risers.


Bonness Inc. will also repair any of the underground systems.  Sinkholes are excavated and explored for leaking or busted pipes, repaired and inspected, and then followed by restoration of the pavement or landscape.




Bonness Inc. performs all types of clearing and earthwork. Selective clearing may be preferred to preserve desirable trees.  Otherwise we will completely clear and grub your site of all vegetation for development.  Clearing includes the removal of all unwanted vegetation from your site through burning or mulching and hauling offsite, whichever is the most cost effective. All projects are performed with the proper permitting and appropriate methods of environmental protection.

Lake Excavation

Both new construction and renovation projects generally involve some excavation, whether it is a small retention pond or a multi-acre lake.  The depth of a lake and the slopes of the lake banks are governed by engineered drawings that must comply with government guidelines.  Appropriate equipment and expertise are needed to meet the specifications.  In some cases there are layers of rock that must be dealt with. In extreme cases, blasting or hammering is necessary to loosen the rock before excavation.


In Southwest Florida, typical pavement specifications include a stabilized subgrade, a base, and a wearing surface.  The base is generally constructed of limerock or shellbase anywhere between 4″ and 12″ deep depending on the type of traffic that it is designed to service. The wearing surface is most often constructed of asphalt between 1″ and 2 1/2″ thick, again depending on the intended traffic.  Before the asphalt is laid, the base material must be graded to the proper elevation and depth, followed by rolling and compaction. During the entire process, the materials and density of compaction are tested for optimum performance. Rough site grading, finish base grading, and final grading are all areas in which Bonness Inc. has decades of expertise.

Offsite Fill

Many new developments can be designed by a civil engineer so that the existing earth is balanced on the project by utilizing material dug from onsite lakes and retention areas.  Unfortunately, it is not possible in all circumstances and offsite fill must be brought in to meet the design grades.  With many sources to work with, our team will come up with the most cost effective means for providing this service.



Removals & Repairs

Damaged curb, sidewalk, or pavement may be removed and replaced.  No matter how large or how small the project, Bonness Inc. can help you with your needs.  We use diamond blade concrete saws to cut the perimeter of each repair producing a sharp even edge. Hard to reach places can be accessed with a bobcat or a small backhoe allowing us to still get maximum production and maximum quality while limiting damage to adjacent grass and the surface areas.

Asphalt Overlay

Rejuvenate the look of your commercial property by repairing, replacing or resurfacing your existing pavement. We’ll make your parking lot look new again. Asphalt surfaces have an expected life of between 10 and 15 years.  After that time, the pavement may be overlaid with a new layer of asphalt.  Oftentimes edge-milling is necessary or desirable to meet existing grades or to promote water drainage.

PolyTar Sealcoat

At Bonness Inc., we are committed to quality and excellence. That is why we offer only the highest grade of coal tar emulsion sealant.  PolyTar sealant utilizes advanced polymer technology to achieve elasticity in a cost effective application. Elasticity reduces cracking and provides a longer pavement life. We combine this unique pavement coating with our quality installation, resulting in exceptional durability, skid resistance, fuel resistance, as well as a non-tracking surface. Under normal conditions, recoating with PolyTar is not necessary for at least five years.


To complete your renovation project, we will restripe all your parking stripes, directional arrows and other pavement markings.  We offer both paint and thermoplastic striping.  Or if your parking lot is still in good condition consider giving your property a face-lift by repainting the lines and traffic markings. We also help bring your parking lot into ADA Code Specifications

Drainage Improvements

It is not uncommon for older pavements to develop drainage issues over the years.  Renovation is an ideal time to address water problems.  Care will be taken to advise you on the best way to alleviate your drainage issues.  Possible solutions include increased slope, yard drains, catch basins, and swale grading to name a few. During installation or repair of your pavement, our crews are trained to give special attention to drainage issues.


Lake Excavation

During the construction of a golf course, a relatively flat piece of land is transformed into a beautiful landscape of rolling fairways, lakes, cart paths and other golf course features.  Once the land is cleared, the long process of lake excavation and reshaping of the land begins.  Material dug from lakes is moved to other areas of the golf course or development.  Finished lakes will not only serve as a golf course feature, they become habitat for wildlife and plan tlife as well as water retention or control.

Rough Grading & Shaping

Experienced golf course shapers operate heavy equipment to rough grade and shape the golf course.  Dirt is moved from the lake areas or brought in from offsite to achieve the desired grades.  All this is done in accordance with the golf course drawings with added direction of the Golf Course Architect throughout the process.  With the added benefit of GPS and CAD, our crews can work cost effectively to move the dirt into place.

Bunkers, Bridges, & Bulkheads

Special golf course features require special expertise.  We put together the right team of professionals with a commitment to quality and excellence and who have proven themselves for their ability to perform in the field and who bring specific on-the-job knowledge to every project. You can have the confidence that our years of experience will go towards superbly constructing the greens, fairways, traps and bunkers.

Cart Paths

Golf Cart paths can be built of asphalt, concrete, shell, or other desired materials.  Bonness Inc. has the experience and equipment to build cart paths in any medium. We also repair and maintain existing golf cart paths which will require specially sized equipment to limit damage to surrounding areas.

Irrigation & Drainage

Our crews meticulously install drain pipes, culverts, and catch basins for drainage as well as pumping stations and sprinkler equipment for irrigation.  Proper drainage and irrigation are crucial for healthy turf propagation.


After the installation of extensive underground drainage and irrigation systems and final grading to the desired elevation, the fairways, greens, and tees are each sodded or seeded with choice grasses and watered.  At that point, your golf course is ready for your maintenance specialists to take over.




Bonness Inc. offers solutions for both new construction and renovation and provides quotes that are timely and accurate. Our experience enables us to work with communities who have engineers on staff as well as those who are without engineers. Our estimators also have AGTEC and CAD technology at their disposal which increases the accuracy of material takeoffs and also produces 3-D models which aid in estimating and planning.


Budget analysis is one of the first steps when considering a development or renovation project.  Our experienced, knowledgeable estimators are happy to work with our customers in the early stages of planning. Feel free to utilize our estimating department for your budgeting needs.


To meet strict guidelines for excavation or installation of utilities or pavements, civil engineers must be employed. Your civil engineer will work with your local municipality to obtain design approvals.  However simple renovations may not require engineered plans.  In those cases, our estimating staff can help make recommendations for your design.  Rest assured, with over 30 years of experience in civil contracting in Southwest Florida, we are well versed in regional design standards.


If you are working with an engineer, he/she will work with the city, county, or state to obtain approvals and pull permits for your project. If you are doing a simple renovation that does not require engineered plan approval, our staff will help obtain permits if needed.  Every city and county has its own set of ordinances and permitting requirements so the cost of permitting will vary from place to place.

Value Engineering

Bonness Inc’s professional estimators help clients from start to finish with an eye toward “value engineering” to maximize their investment.  Years of experience and product knowledge allow us to provide cost-saving solutions for our clients.


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