Overall Background Screening Policy

As part of the process of weighing applicant qualifications and determining his/her suitability for open positions, Bonness Inc. requires background checks for all finalists for a position. These background checks are conducted by ADP Screening and Selection Services, a consumer reporting agency.

All applicants for employment with Bonness Inc. are asked to sign a release form authorizing the appropriate background checks. Any applicant who refuses to sign a release form is no longer considered eligible for employment. Applicants also are expected to provide references from their former employers as well as educational reference information that can be used to verify academic accomplishments and records.

The background check will include verification of information provided on the completed application for employment, the applicant’s resume or on other forms used in the hiring process. Information to be verified includes, but is not limited to, social security number and previous addresses. Bonness Inc. will also conduct a reference check and verification of the applicant’s education and employment background as stated on the employment application or other documents listed above.

The background check will also include criminal court record searches. If a conviction is discovered, a determination will be made whether the conviction is related to the position for which the individual is applying or presents safety or security risks before an employment decision is made.

Additional checks such as a driving record or credit record will be made on applicants for all job categories, and will be a qualification method for particular job categories where driving is job related.

If an applicant is denied employment in whole or in part because of information obtained in his/her background check, the applicant will be informed of this and given the name, address and phone number of the screening provider to contact if s/he has specific questions about the result of the check or wants to dispute its accuracy.

Any applicant who provides misleading, erroneous or willfully deceptive information to Bonness Inc. on an employment form or Resume or in a selection interview is immediately eliminated from further consideration for employment with Bonness Inc.

First Check Social Security Validity

As part of the process of weighing applicants’ qualifications and determining their suitability for open positions, Bonness Inc. will conduct a social security number validation to verify an applicant’s SSN. If the applicant’s social security number is not valid, was issued before the applicant was born or belongs to a deceased person, the applicant will be given a chance to produce proof of the validity of his/her social security number before s/he is eliminated from the selection process. Should this situation arise, Bonness Inc. suggests that the applicant contact his/her local Social Security Office to obtain a valid SSN.

Criminal Court Records Policy

All applicants are required to disclose on Bonness Inc.’s employment application if they have been convicted of or served time for a felony. If they have, they are required to describe the situation on the application. The application states that this information will be reviewed for job relatedness and time since convictions.

Applicants will be rejected if they disclose or if a criminal court record reveals that they have:

  • Felony convictions in the last seven (7) years. However, exceptions may be considered in truly unusual cases where the conviction does not reflect upon applicant suitability for employment.
  • Been arrested, but not convicted in the last seven (7) years for any crime that would have made them unacceptable for employment by Bonness Inc. had they actually been convicted. The manager will make a reasonable effort to determine if the applicant actually committed the offense. If the manager is not convinced that the applicant did not commit the offense, then the applicant will be rejected for employment.


Address Verification Policy

An Address Verification report will be conducted on each applicant. This report will help provide previous addresses of the applicant and will reveal any discrepancies in information provided by the applicant.

The following characteristics may be subject to rejection for employment by Bonness Inc.:

  • An Address Verification report reveals other places of residency that the applicant did not disclose on his/her application. Information obtained from checking references is used to: 1) verify the accuracy of employment; 2) verify and/or identify job-related accomplishments, skills, abilities, and characteristics that help establish the applicant’s qualifications for employment; and 3) determine, evaluate, and ensure the applicant’s overall suitability for the position in question.
  • Dates of employment SIGNIFICANTLY disagree with information given on the application. Job titles/duties SIGNIFICANTLY disagree with what was given by the applicant.
  • Reason for termination SIGNIFICANTLY differs from what was given by the employer.
  • The previous employer indicates unsatisfactory performance, attitude or behavior.

Workers’ Compensation Records Policy

All new Bonness Inc. workers are required to undergo a medical review process prior to receiving an employment start date. The process, as described below, is structured to conform to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA, 1990) and subsequent rules and regulations published in 1991. No medical inquiries will be made or workers’ compensation information gathered until after a conditional job offer (CJO) has been given to the applicant.

After the CJO, the individual will be required to fill out Bonness Inc.’s standard conditional job offer and medical review form.

Driving Record Policy

A safe driving record is very important to Bonness Inc. As a result, Bonness Inc. will complete a motor vehicle background check on all qualified applicants. 3 Any instances of any one of the following events or combination of events in the past 12 months may be reason for disqualification.

  • Suspended license
  • Driving while under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI) charges
  • Revoked license
  • Points as per Bonness Inc. insurance’s point system:

The point system is as follows:

  • At fault accidents – 2 points
  • Moving Violations such as speeding, failure to yield stop sign, etc – 2 points
  • DUI, DWI, Reckless operation, or leaving the scene of an accident, commission of a felony through the use of a motor vehicle, driving with a suspended or revoked license, or attempting to elude a police officer – 6 points

The classifications and related points totals are:

  • Eligible – 0-2 Points in a three year period
  • Marginal – 4 points in a three year period
  • Ineligible – 6 points in a three year period or if there are more than 4 points earned in any one year period.

Credit Record Policy

Applicant credit history is very important to Bonness Inc.’s executive positions in determining financial responsibility for employment. A history of personal financial irresponsibility as demonstrated by four or more instances of any one of the following events in the past 24 months may be reason for disqualification.

  • Profit and loss write-offs (Uncollected debt that is written off by creditor)
  • Accounts sent to collection
  • Public record judgments (Tax liens and public judgments for civil action)
  • Bankruptcy

Bonness Inc. is aware that occasionally there are extenuating circumstances such as divorce or a medical crisis that may affect an individual’s credit history. Since credit records are one component of Bonness Inc.’s hiring process, applicants will not be disqualified solely based on bankruptcy or their previous credit history.

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